I have been receiving about 50 flash sms a day, with my service provider name, from the number 50.

As I read here, it might be a issue with activating and deactivating cell broadcast on the phone. However, I could not find the path suggested for the deactivation (Setting/Call/Other Call Settings).

The option does not exist on this path. also it became an irritation for me. Whenever I am doing something with my device, that flash message popped up and I get interrupted.

To try deactivating this I have tried all possible steps (By blocking/deleting/stopping notification) but nothing worked out. Any ideas how to get rid of this?

Mobile: HTC Desire 816

Android Version: 4.4.2 with sense 6.0

Thank you


Go to Call Settings and uncheck "Broadcast" (homescreen -> phone -> settings -> broadcast).


The simplest way to turn off broadcast messages on your HTC phone is - Remove sim card from HTC phone and insert the SIM to some other mobile (Samsung/Nokia) go to settings and turn off Cell broadcast messages, now remove the SIM card from your Samsung or Nokia phone and re-insert it in HTC phone. You should not get the CB messages anymore.


There are several ways to tackle this dilemma.

  1. Long press the notification, tap on app info, now uncheck notifications (below force stop)

  2. Try what @dev suggested

  3. Try what @sushrut suggested

  4. If rooted, using a file manager goto /system/app and either:

    • Rename cellbroadcastreceiver.apk with extension .bak

    • or Delete cellbroadcastreceiver.apk

  5. If not rooted, using PC:

    • Visit this: Remove system apps without root. Download the zip file from the OP. Follow the given instructions. (read the post in its entirety before performing any of the steps). Edit the script file according to your needs. Flash.

As with any change you make to your device, make a backup first


For HTC Desire, go to Messages > All Messages > tap 3 dots > Settings > Cell Broadcast > OFF.

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