The "encrypt external sd card" option doesn't show up under Settings->Security on my LG Optimus F6, or my Huawei Y301-A2. A microSD card, FAT32 formatted and empty, is inserted and recognized correctly. The "encrypt device" option shows up, but the "encrypt external sd card" does not. How do I get this option to show up? This is using Android 4.1.2


I don't know about those exact models, but on Jelly Bean in general, you must enable a password on your phone to encrypt external SD.

Security -> Set up screen lock -> Password.

Then you'll need to set a password for the SD.

Step-by-step tutorial with images: http://visihow.com/Encrypt_Files_on_Your_SD_Card_Using_Your_Android_Phone

  • Thanks, but that doesn't work for the external SD. – PonyEars Jan 18 '15 at 5:36

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