I noticed that before I upgraded to Lollipop my z axis of the lge accelerometer of the nexus 4 used to be 10.2 m/s^2 (which was wrong but closer to accurate). After I upgraded it is now 10.6. Is this a problem with nexus 4's in general? Can any other nexus 4 owners confirm as well?

enter image description here


Look at my values. Mine reports slightly lower numbers (9.2). I believe LGE Accelerometer Sensor field shows raw data from the sensor. It's normal that it's not super accurate. More importantly look at Gravity and Linear Acceleration fields in both mine and your screenshot. These fields show expected values. This means software compensates for sensor inaccuracy well.


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Try changing the orientation of the phone and the values will change. The value of z axis at 10m/sec^2 is normal when phone is lying horizontal to the ground.

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  • All other axis show 9.8 (correct) when aligned perfectly perpendicular to their axis – user1950278 Nov 28 '14 at 4:40

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