I imagine a setup where I use an android tablet computer as a remote control for my hifi system - at least for selecting music. I have connected a low-power, cheap and small linux computer to the amp. The low-powered computer holds all music on a USB stick, SSD or similar. The computer has no screen or keyboard permanently attached.

Can something like this work? All solutions I have found on the net require streaming from a NAS or the internet (internet radio) - e.g. Sonos. Ideas regarding hardware and software are welcome.


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You could try something like VLC Remote. It can apparently even be configured to work with an MPlayer install instead of VLC if you prefer (according to this project, at least). There's also a remote app for Songbird available, and you can find it in the Market as well.


Sounds like you're looking for mpd (music player daemon). It doesn't require X and there are lots of different clients/remotes for all kinds of operating systems including Android.

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