The "silent, vibrate or normal sound" toggle function have changed somehow on my Nexus 5 to merely an "off" function when I hold down the power button. I'd like the old options back, but I can't find any settings dealing with the issue.

pre-5.0 5.0

Power options before & after Lollipop

Has it disappeared completely with the new "none, priority, all" slide?

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This is a known issue with Lollipop, please see the following:

Issue 79445: No silent mode


If your phone is rooted, you can get the pre-Lollipop power options back:

  1. Download power_menu.zip, a mod by Ynych on XDA Forum.
  2. Boot into custom recovery: press and hold Volume down + Power when the device is in powered-off state.
  3. Install the mod by flashing the zip file.
  4. Reboot the system.

modded power options on Lollipop

Source: Bring Back Airplane Mode & Audio Toggles to Your Nexus 5's Power Menu - WonderHowTo


Update your phone to the latest android version (Marshmallow). With that you will be able to mute your phone again.

Be aware of apps that can play a sound and vibrate even when your phone is on mute.

  • Are you sure? I have Nexus 5 on Marshmallow, and I still only see "Power off" when holding the power button. Can you provide a screenshot?
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 7:47

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