I have an LG D500 Optimus F6 that was sold to me new by T-Mobile. I rooted it successfully with KingoRoot. I created a custom recovery with the recovery.apk file on my external SD card. I rebooted and created a backup with ClockworkMod that was saved to my internal storage. I flashed Carbon 4.4.4.

This version of Carbon is unstable on my phone and isn't really integrating with some of the features I like to use. I'd like to reflash the phone's stock ROM and restore the backup I made prior to flashing Carbon. The backup took .89GB, which is equivalent to the amount of storage space I am missing when I look at my storage availability in Carbon's file viewer.

But Carbon can't open or install .apk's and I cannot see any of the old files, like the backup, that I was able to see prior to flashing Carbon.

Can someone help me reflash the stock ROM and restore from my backup?

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