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Suggestions for syncing data to someone besides Google? Funambol?

The idea is to cut Google's (or other 3rd-party) proprietary bits out of an Android installation, while retaining the benefits of "cloud" computing. For most things there are open-source alternatives: SK for keyboard, K-9 Mail for e-mail, etc. However, for the core "cloud" services like Contacts and Calendar, all replacements that I've seen simply redirect you to their own closed and proprietary cloud servers.

From a quick search around the web, the closest open-source alternative is Funambol's client/server solution. I was wondering if anyone's had any luck setting up their own instance of a "personal cloud" of sorts using this or a similar package, and successfully using it to sync contacts data to an Android device.

Bonus points if there is a package for use with a Synology NAS drive :)



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