I was sick of photos from web pages I visit being stored on my phone, so after researching I installed a .nomedia file.

However, since doing this all my photos from my gallery are no longer there: I can see them in media explorer, but there is nothing in the gallery! Can anyone help? Any photos I take on my camera now are happily appearing in the gallery, just all my old ones aren't there.

My device is a HTC One M8.


To see your pictures again in the gallery, just remove the .nomedia file, it's hiding the pictures in the folder from the media scan.

You need to trigger a rescan to be executed by the media-scanner (e.g. by performing a reboot) for your photos to show up. Only thing I wonder: new photos are shown, just old ones are gone – that sounds like a different issue, unless the new ones use a different folder.

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