When I debug any app (native or hybrid), the console device logs they appear in the logcat but after 2+ min they automatically cleared out by Eclipse - though my device does not go in sleep mode.

It becomes difficult for me to check the logs and every time I have to first copy the logs to a text editor and then checking the logs.

Is there any settings required in eclipse or device?

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    Dec 17, 2014 at 15:50

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The reason it's cleared because the log has exceeded the maximum limit of displayed messages on LogCat. You can change the limit by following the answer on Stack Overflow:

The LogCat messages were simple getting cleared because the buffer had run out of space (receiving too many new messages), which is a simple setting change in Eclipse.

To fix, go to Window > Preferences > Android > LogCat

and increase the limit for "Maximum number of LogCat messages to buffer". Set it to 0 for unlimited size, or a really big number. But keep in mind, anything below 10000 fills up real fast.

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