I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note last night so I do not know much about the phone.
When handling and not charging it shuts off on me. It has charged and there is battery life of 70 lets say. When I try to turn it on my battery has completely ran out. Wont even turn on unless it is on the charger. I ordered a new battery but now I am not so sure that is my problem.
As you can imagine I am not a happy customer at this point and will more than likely not be buying from other people any longer. Any help would be just peachy. Thank you!


Are you saying you bought a used phone from another person (not a store) like from ebay or craigslist?

If so, it could very likely be a worn out battery. If the phone was advertised as problem free and fully working, and especially if it was advertised as brand new when clearly not, you can pursue a return through whatever site you bought it from.

  • Unfortuently I was in need of a phone asap and wasn't as cautious as I should have been. I have a feeling it is the battery. I am going to order one so we shall see. I appreciate your comment!! – Katherine Dec 2 '14 at 20:03

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