I had install TWRP on Redmi 1S (while running on stock MIUI ROM) and I installed CM11 ROM. It is running fine.

My question is

1) How do I upgrade the TWRP with latest version?

2) How to I change the TWRP to CWM (or vice-versa)?

3) Does CyanogenMod has its own Recovery? If yes, how to get that on my device?

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1 & 2: Just flash what you want to have on your device, the old recovery will be overwritten. I recommend the app "Flashify" from Google play store for flashing recovery without computer.

3: About phone > tap build number seven times > press back > developer options > check "update CM recovery"


To update TWRP you can install TWRP manager from the play store. From there you can update the recovery.

To update ClockworkMod you use ClockworkMod ROM Manager from the play store.

Another option, you can install them manually by downloading the recovery image and flash them using adb, or flashify, or some other tool.

  • Latest TWRP (for your device)
  • I do not see an officially supported version of CWM for your device.

Cyanogen does have a recovery, which I believe is based off ClockworkMod. I think only officially supported devices have a recovery. As @saloalv said, you should be able to update in the developer options if they have a supported recovery.

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