For me, it used to be a lock screen widget where I swiped right and could start texting my contacts. I thinks this is now gone for some reason. So what's the fastest way to get to texting from lock screen in this new stupid lollipop version?

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Using absolutely stock, as-installed-by-default stuff, the fastest way would be:

  • Swipe to unlock
  • Tap home button
  • Tap Messenger or Hangouts (which you have put as an icon on your home screen)
  • Tap new message.

Possible ways to reduce the number of steps:

  • Third-party SMS apps which provide homescreen widgets that take you straight into composing
  • Third-party lock screen replacements
  • Alternative ROMs with different lock screen arrangements (e.g. some Cyanogenmod versions let you define different apps to be launched depending on the direction of your unlock swipe)
  • So no news of google reintroducing right-swipe from lockscreen to get to texting? :( Commented Dec 5, 2014 at 12:26

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