I use the same Google account with Google Chrome on several devices including my Android phone. So, Google Chrome shows me tabs opened on other devices (ex: chrome://history/). Is there any way to change the name assigned for my Android device there?

See the following screen as example - I would like to change "Galaxy Nexus" to something else.

list of devices: Work Macbook, Galaxy Nexus


As of 2019, the Android devices cannot be renamed; both from themselves and from other devices.

The name listed on "Other devices" currently depends on the operating system:

  1. Windows, macOS, and Linux use their hostname
  2. Android possibly uses its marketing name from Google Play's supported devices
  3. Chrome OS use their product name (e.g. Chromebook, Chromebit)

However, renaming the device directly from the Chrome browser has not been implemented.

This was reported as Issue #124964 in Chromium Bugs Tracker since Apr 24, 2012, requesting a feature to allow devices in "Other devices" menu to be renamed. The report was branched into 2 separate issues:


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