I dont remember the series but I want to root a tablet at work.

I think its the A 5000 or H 5000 something like that but i cant seem to be able to find a rooting method and also if something cant be rooted cant i just install a custom ROM on it ? and have SU privileges ?

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    You'll have to find out (and edit your answer to include) exactly what model/series the device is before anyone is able to help you. It is possible/likely that the method of rooting will vary for different devices. – bmdixon Dec 5 '14 at 16:25

what is your android version ? you can test this apps : kingo root framaroot or Vroot , and or Cf-Autoroot : check this link , but if your tablet doesnt exist on the list , reply to me for other methods. http://autoroot.chainfire.eu/ regards.

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