When I connect my phone to my car via USB it says connected as media device. Then when I go to browse with my car nothing is in the folder.

I use Google play music and know the folder it caches my downloaded playlists. I want to make a symbolic link to that folder from the folder my car is seeing. Does anyone know what folder is mounted by default? Or maybe a better way to play music in my car?

HTC One M8 Converted Google PLay Edition. 2014 Mini Countryman w/out MINI Connected.

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First, that depends on the protocol. AFAIK, when using PTP, only the DCIM folder (with your photos) is shown, while in MTP mode, it should be your entire SD card(s).

Second, I doubt whether a symlink would work here – at least not when it points to the internal storage (below /data, where Play Music usually puts its stuff).

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