On DesireZ running android 2.2 I've run into a rather annoying problem. The phone forces me to make a credentials password for WIFI, and then I have to enter it before the phone will connect to a secured wifi network.

I don't care about the security of my wifi passwords being compromised in the event of my phone being stolen, so I would like to disable this annoyance.

I cannot find any setting or way of doing this, however. Is it possible? Or is there an app which can remember and automatically enter the password on boot-up?


[edit]I can uncheck the "use secure credentials" option, but that simply prevents me from connecting to any wifi connection which requires a password. Attempting to enter a password for the wifi connection first prompts me for a new secure credentials password...[/edit]

The minimum password length is 8, so it won't let me leave it blank.

  • or leave the password blank
    – Lie Ryan
    May 7 '11 at 9:14
  • @LieRyan It won't let me leave it blank, minimum is 8 characters. :(
    – Nick
    May 7 '11 at 10:54

You can try Keystore Unlocker if your phone is rooted and Keystore Notifier if it is not.


Have you tried disabling the "Use secure credentials" option in Menu -> Settings -> Location & security, under "Credentials storage" section?


Did you uncheck "Settings > Location & Security > Use secure credentials"?

EDIT: or leave the password blank


Besides disabling the "Use secure credentials", if it still asks for the password upon joining a Wi-Fi network, make it happy by going back to Settings => Security => Set password (Under "Credential storage"; applicable to HTC Desire device). It won't bug you anymore after that

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