got a problem with my samsung tab3 10.1 (5200), installed twrp and rooted the device and after that i formatted it in twrp to install a fresh android on an empty tablet. But install couldn't work , the installer couldn't make directories data and others so the install did not work ( took about 2 minutes) but at the end it says succesfull. It cant boot past samsung logo because i think nothing really installed. Anyone has an idea to try and install in another way ? I'm trying to instal cwm now but says md5 hash invalid and same with the twrp file which is on the device.


already found the problem guys, after the format it sayd you best reboot the bootloader so i did that and then it could read and write, it's up and running without the latest offcial update that crashed a lot. rooted and deodexed whatever that means. grtz

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