I own an Optimus One. I want the Data Connection to go off, everytime I lock the keypad. For that, now, I manually go to Setting--> Wireless & networks--> Mobile Networks--> Data Enable.

Is there any way to automatically disable the data when the keypad is locked(or phone is in sleep mode) and enable it when the phone wakes up?

Also, I can't find Mozilla Firefox in my app store. Why it's so?


You probably need to use some sort of 3rd party program like Tasker, Locale or AutomateIt.

These programs allow you to set triggers such as:

  • starting an app
  • screen on/off
  • connected to Wi-fi
  • location
  • etc...

and perform actions based on that, such as:

  • toggle data
  • toggle GPS
  • run an app
  • etc...

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