I own an Optimus One. I want the Data Connection to go off, everytime I lock the keypad. For that, now, I manually go to Setting--> Wireless & networks--> Mobile Networks--> Data Enable.

Is there any way to automatically disable the data when the keypad is locked(or phone is in sleep mode) and enable it when the phone wakes up?

Also, I can't find Mozilla Firefox in my app store. Why it's so?

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You probably need to use some sort of 3rd party program like Tasker, Locale or AutomateIt.

These programs allow you to set triggers such as:

  • starting an app
  • screen on/off
  • connected to Wi-fi
  • location
  • etc...

and perform actions based on that, such as:

  • toggle data
  • toggle GPS
  • run an app
  • etc...

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