I have a Nexus 4 phone. It's not rooted nor customized with any mod.

Today I (finally) received the update to Android 5.0.1, which I downloaded. After the download, I clicked on the Restart and install button (my phone's in French so translation might not be exact). The countdown before restarting the phone then began but after a few seconds I have been redirected to a screen telling me my system was up to date.

I tried to search for updates but nothing showed up and now I have no idea where the heck the update went. My phone still displays Android version 4.4.4 and is visibly still running Android 4.4.4.

What am I supposed to do now?

Thanks for your help.

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You could use the Nexus Root Toolkit to sideload the OTA updates. Links:

Hit Launch in the Advanced Utilities pane, then hit the Sideload Update button, and point to the OTA zip from above. Follow the instructions. No typing involved.

I don't know of a single LRX22C from KTU84P OTA.

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