Is there a way to disable vibration on HTC One M8 regardless of individual application settings?

I can't conceive of a situation in which I would ever want my phone to vibrate so I'd just assume kill it at the source, if possible. If no soft solution exists I may need to resort to ripping the motor out.

To any hardware engineers out there - build a phone without vibration and I'd buy it in an instant.

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Though a rooted device is needed, and in the case of HTC phones, probably also s-off. Just download VibraFix, which will allow you to completely turn off vibration. It will also allow you to pass through calls and texts, if that is needed.


I've made an app that can disable/enable vibrations system-wide because Android lacks such option for inexplicable reasons - Global Vibration Toggle.

It requires a rooted phone as well and has a widget toggle and an automatic mode.

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