I would like to turn off multiple desktops that are on my Android 4 phone (LG Optimus L9 P760, if that matters). I can switch between them with touch, but I don't need that feature. And most of the time, I use it by mistake (when I want to click an icon close to screen's edge). So it's more like disadvantage for me to have multiple desktops.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any such position in top menu, settings menu etc.


Try "Nova Launcher" app from the Google play store. The "Nova Launcher" has ability to customize home screens and etc. Try this and check your results.

Nova Launcher

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  • Hi. Unfortunately I don't use Google Play and there is no way to download Nova Laucher apk directly (even when I did it after 1 hour of going throw fake links, installed version showed the window with "please download" that redirect to Google Play). Can you suggest me another application? – PolGraphic Dec 12 '14 at 22:03

Eventually I've used Apex Launcher that can be easily downloaded directly from several sites or with K-droid, so it's a good option for people that don't use Google Play / Google Account. Among its features there are options to change the screens count (I've set it to 1) and increase the grid size.

Vembu pointed out the Nova Laucher, which I was unable to test (it seems that working version can be downloaded only from Google Play). Still, it may be an solution for some of you (up-voted).

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