I have been using the Google Sheets app a lot on my Android phone, and I have discovered that if I don't force the app to store the spreadsheet to the server, it sometimes loses updates.

This is the sequence I currently use to force the app to save to the server:

  • Clicks the check mark at the end of the "fx" input box.
  • Click the check mark at top left.
  • Click the "<" mark at top left.
  • Click on the spreadsheet again, and scroll back to the desired position. That's a lot of steps for something that happens automatically after just a few seconds in the browser version, and pretty annoying (though not as annoying as losing data).

So, the question: How can I more expeditiously force the Google Sheets app to update to the server?

  • Update: the app has improved since I asked the question; it generally updates to the server fairly soon after a change to the spreadsheet. The app still crashes fairly often, but it seems like there's less time between changes andupdates to the server. – Steve Mar 23 '15 at 1:54

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