May I know how to solve my Android problem? I have a Huawei Honor 3C 4G, however its WiFi connects and disconnects very often. Other than that, when it's connected it sometimes doesn't have the internet access while my other devices and PC have internet access. I tried quite many things, change back and forth the wpa_supplicant file at /system/bin/etc/wifi. Doesnt work too. Hope some experts want to help, it's really annoying. My Android version is 4.4.2

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    Related: Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently. Looks like the same issue, so you might want to check this. The added "sometimes no internet" might point to a "captive portal" being part of it – which is ruled out as well by the possible solution presented to the other question. – Izzy Dec 14 '14 at 12:56
  • You should also check if the issue is with the router. Try another router and verify the results. – Albin K C Jul 1 '18 at 3:59

i am not an expert but i have the same phone (honor 3c 4g) and i had the same problem and i solved it experimentally, so i thought i should tell you. :) i changed my Network Authentication from wpa2-psk to wpa-psk and now it seems that my problem is solved. before this i also changed Encapsulation Mode from LLC/snap-bridging to vc-mux but it didn't make a change but i kept it that way after that, don't know if it made a difference.

  • Thanks friend, I just saw your comment and changed my router settings. So right now your honor 3C 4G is having no wifi issue anymore? No more auto disconnect? – TKS Apr 5 '15 at 4:07

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