My colleague owns Faked Galaxy Note 3 from China with all the gifts - bloatware from Chinese market etc. There is no root on the phone (I tried to check it with supersu/rom manager/uninstall) and the only option to get the root - probably to understand this "recovery" menu on Chinese:

enter image description here

UPD I've found that first line is related to factory:

enter image description here

I've found that first 3 options are related to test -

enter image description here

any idea will be highly appreciated.


Having the same problem with mine. According to google this was the translation I was able to get from the menu choices.

  • 自动测试
    • Automatic test
  • 手动测试
    • Manual testing
  • 单项测试
    • single test
  • 测试报告
    • test report
  • 调试测试项
    • debug test items
  • 清除e MMC
    • clear e MMC
  • 版本信
    • version of the letter (?) - gives bb chip, ms board, IMEI, barcode, etc
  • 重启手机
    • reboot the phone

If you find out how to enter download mode or root this device please share.

  • forum.xda-developers.com/lenovo-a3000/general/… - this thread gives the above info and also gives the sub-menu details. On my Acer E380 I used volume-down to get to the "reboot" option shown above and then pressed the power button to activate and as expected it rebooted the phone. Entering this mode was via power+volume-down for ~12s.
    – pbhj
    Jan 26 '16 at 17:14

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