I'm developing an Android app, and at the moment I let to install as an .APK file from my webpage to my close friends.

On the device of one of them, the installation causes an error and the App doesn't got installed. But since that moment his device restarts without any sense and has a hight battery drain.

  • My App needs 2 permissions: "full network access" and "control vibration".
  • App worked well on devices whith API's from 16 to the last

The device specifications are:

  • Samsung galaxy III mini
  • version 4.1.2 (not rooted)

What can I do with the device? Is my apk able to cause this issues?

(I really need help to solve this issue fast. Sorry for my English, please edit any misspelling, thanks)

  • After looking arround, I think there's not any problem with tha app. It seems a coincidence and battery becomes dead. When he replace it, we will know. – Oscar Gardiazabal Dec 18 '14 at 10:13

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