Sometimes, I want to listen to streams or videos while I'm on the go, but I can't put my phone in my pocket because that would press buttons on the display. Is there any way to turn the screen off and still let the stream/video running like it does with music players?

  • If anybody else stumbles upon this: firefox on android does that for youtube and for local videos, but to open a local video I haven't found a better way yet than to paste file://<path>in the url box
    – lucidbrot
    Commented Dec 1, 2016 at 18:52

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  • Download MX Player
  • Play YouTube/Sdcard video using MX Player.
  • Press Menu button (or the 3 dot icon), and then select Play
  • Make sure "Background Play" is checked
  • Now, you can press Home Button and listen in lock screen.

There is also a shortcut for enabling Background Play, which is tapping and holding the Play button, instead of just tapping it to play a video


Only For Rooted: You can install Xposed Modules Installer and use Repository called Youtube Background Play

Update #2

If you are open to installing mod YouTube Vanced is the easiest way for getting background play feature and it works well for non-rooted Android too.

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