Today, 19th December, I was trying to reset my phone, but I had backed up WhatsApp first.

After that I reboot my phone (Xperia Miro) and installed WhatsApp. Problem came while WhatsApp was restoring msgstore-2014-12-13.1.db.crypt7, not msgstore-2014-12-19.1.db.crypt7.

Even though, in folder WhatsApp databases, there are seven backup files: those two files and msgstore.db.crypt7, msgstore-2014-12-12.1.db.crypt7, msgstore-2014-12-14.1.db.crypt7, msgstore-2014-12-15.1.db.crypt7, and msgstore-2014-12-16.1.db.crypt7.

Why did WhatsApp restore 13th Dec backup? Not 14, 15, neither 16 nor 19?

I have to get 19th December's conversations.


Simply move All backup files to another folder or delete them (If you dont want your old conversations restored in future) Execpt backup file you want to restore (i.e - msgstore-2014-12-19.1.db.crypt7 )

-Now again try to restore with whatsapp

-Since there is only one backupfile in whatsapp - databases folder it will restore that file(i.e backup of 19th December 2014)

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