I bought a Samsung of the above mentioned model here in China and I want to flash Gapps on it. I understand the process to do so is

  1. rooting it,
  2. flash a custom recovery program like CWM or TWRP
  3. install the gapps zip in the recovery mode of the phone.

I successfully rooted it via Odin and C-Flash. The problem I encounter is that I can't find a custom recovery that works on my model.

CWM does not offer any. I tried TWRP, but with this my phone got bricked and I needed to install a new firmware. Repeated googling did not produce any answers to my questions.

Please help me out, I would be happy to use gapps as on a European phone.

  • Try putting all .so files from the zip into /system/lib and all apk files to /system/priv-app (4.4+) or /system/app (<4.4) – saloalv Dec 21 '14 at 9:02

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