I have been able to change the storage options for the camera (e.g. from internal storage to external SD). However, I have no idea how to change that setting, or even control in which format the screenshots are saved. Moving the "screenshots" folder to external storage manually had no effect.

I have Jelly Bean 4.1.2.


I know this thread is old but it still shows up on a Google search so I'll put an answer here. Get Automatic File Mover.

Set up a filter for .png files, pick your source (.\Pictures\Screenshots) and set your destination to mySD\Somedirectory and then turn on the service. Now every time you take a screenshot it will be moved off your internal and on to your SD card.


I don't think you can change this in your phone settings. If you are interested in third party apps then try this app Screenshot and this app Screenshot

Note: Both are different links.

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