I normally use tethering a lot but hadn't since the 5.0 update and so didn't notice this issue. Now my Nexus 5 is at 5.0.1 and today I needed to tether and found that it doesn't work.

Phone is Nexus 5, with 5.0.1, build LRX22C. Computer is MBP OS X 10.9.5.

IP address is allocated on tethering, but every query results in "Server not found" error. I think that I found a related issue here:


The additional problem I have is that using different name servers ( does not solve the problem.

The surprising thing is that tethering works on my wife's phone with the exact same configuration without any problem.

I am at a loss how to debug this. Any pointers would be appreciated.

It goes without saying that my data connection works, the carrier isn't blocking it in anyway.

Edit 1: So looks like that statement was not entirely true. I am roaming in the US using Roam Mobility SIM card. And this is what I found on their site: http://www.roammobility.com/support/Cannot_use_Hotspot_with_Nexus_5.html

So I switched the preferred network to 3G from LTE, and the tethering works. It is annoying to not understand why this happens. Any ideas?

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