I am using an Android phone with Root access. I have an app called App Quarantine ROOT/FREEZE, which can freeze or quarantine unwanted apps in Android. I mistakenly use this app to quarantine the Launcher.

As soon as I quarantine the Launcher, the Android desktop becomes black. When I try to reboot, it stuck at the boot up screen with logo.

How to recover an Android phone if the Launcher has been mistakenly quarantined? How to recover the Launcher?

  • Can you get to recovery? You can reset your phone from there
    – maxpesa
    Dec 23, 2014 at 17:51

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Some phone models have an emergency factory reset button at the back(inside the back cover) of the phone. It looks like a pinhole. Try inserting a pin there. I hope it would work.


I had the same problem once. but I could access the notification drawer. and I had a battery booster installed. So , I clicked it and clicked the rating button. It went directly to Google play and find the app's page and open it. You can unfreeze it then.


I was having same problem but on TV (mistakenly disable default launcher) So here what I did.

As My TV was already connected to Wifi but was stuck at "Android" black screen.

So just grabbed my phone

Logged in play store with same account I was using on TV using browser.

Searched launcher

Clicked on install

Selected device > android TV

& Voila in next 5 secs launcher got Installed in my tv & then i enabled default launcher.

Everything was working fine.

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