Alright, I have an LG Optimus G that I'm playing around with and trying to install ubuntu on. I'm following this guide I've done everything up to the point where you enter this into the terminal:

$ adb reboot bootloader

Which just reboots the phone but not into the bootloader.

when I check for adb devices:

$ adb devices
devices attached 
LG-LS970-9c07c856   device

And when I run

$ fastboot devices

I get nothing. Any idea how to fix this so that it will reboot into the bootloader?

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try using

adb reboot-bootloader

from the adb usage text

adb reboot [bootloader|recovery] - reboots the device, optionally into the bootloader or recovery program
adb reboot-bootloader - reboots the device into the bootloader

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