Good afternoon, I am attempting to get the Android Blip application working for my phone, as of this moment it only works for the Samsung Viberant and I currently do not have that phone. Now though the power of the Internet I managed to locate the apk and was able to get it installed to my phone, however whenever I attempt to run the device I get this error:

The application blip.tv (process com.blipnetworks.android.blipdroid) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

I took a look into the apk to see if I could find the error via an SDK to give me a better idea of what this could lead to, however in my attempts of debugging and searching I was unable to determine what the issue is for this device. Any assistance would be great since the ARM 6 chip isn't supported in flash and this would be the only means of me viewing videos from that site. Thank you in advance.

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    Talk to the developers. – Matthew Read May 13 '11 at 16:00

Odds are if it's only supported on the Samsung Vibrant there's a good reason why. Until Blip is released for your phone model or someone manages to modify the app for other phones you're likely out of luck.

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