do you know is there any way to watch VLC streams from my android phone (nexus 5)? I found several pages that provide streams directly (e.g. http://www.jagledam.com/Pink-Action-2-uzivo-stream) and in this example you can see that first two tabs require x-google-vlc-plugin to play the stream. I can use the link with flash player but I'd prefer to watch them via VLC (either VLC player for android or directly from web page).

Is this even possible?

I'd like to thank anyone in front for the answer.

Regards, Yowitza


If you inspect the object (right-click -> Inspect(Q)) with VLC plugin it shows the html markup of that object. Looking further into the HTML you'll notice a target="*" tag. Open the URL inside this tag (in your case IP:PORT/directory) with the Open Stream option of VLC and you are good to go.


thanks for the help I wish it could be so easy to do that...in that case I wouldn't need my computer at all, only my phone :) I found only one way to do that and that involves FFox browser, DownloadHelper add on, catching the stream address using DH add on that is different than what you can get from target attribute...but in that way you catch about half a minute of a stream because in the mean time it changes its address...I don't know is that because of the stream providers or something else.

Does anyone knows alternative to this? Especially if there is a way to do all of that from your Android device, not from your computes, that would be event better.

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