My 5 year old had Mikona 7" tablet (MHTMID-B718DC8-B) and 3 days after that, it's starting to give messages such as

Unfortunately Launcher has stopped
Unfortunately System UI has stopped

He somehow managed to get into settings to hard reboot, but I took it off from him and powered down. Now I can't use anything on there. it loads, but gives above messages.

The tablet had no reset button and no volume buttons. How do I do factory reset with just home and power button?

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    Do you have the manual for this tablet? If not, have you tried searching for it online based on the model number? Try to see if the troubleshooting section has references to "recovery mode" and how to get into it. This usually involves holding specific buttons while turning the device on. Once there, you should be able to perform a factory reset.
    – Chahk
    Feb 2, 2015 at 14:59

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It sounds like he started a reset and you turned it off when doing so. Turn it on and if it boots up go into settings back up resart/reset go to the last 1 on the list it will reboot into boso. Useing the home button to go down the list to clean and reset use the power to enter it will then resart ur tablet if u can not do this a phone shop shoud be able to help reboot it for u hope this help

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