I am installing stock rom because of get warranty back (now i am running Archidroid).

I don't know which firmware I should choose. My actual region code is XEF (stock recovery is saying that it's XEF. Archidroid is saying I9300ARCHIDROIDARCHIDROID but I live in Czech Republic so It should be XEZ. Than, I don't know which CP number i should choose.. My actual is I9300XXUGNA8 which is Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan (wtf? :D).

What will happen when I flash stock firmware with XEZ (csc) and I9300XXUGND5 (CP)? Thank you for your help. I am noob. I was googling and I found just what is AP, CP and CSC. But not what happen when I change it.

I have international version of Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300)

Thank you in advance

  • Any updates on this? I have a (CP) I9300XXUGNA8 here (UK Vodafone) I need to try and solve problems on by removing Lollipop. I'm downloading I9300XXUGNH4 to try. – HaydnWVN Jun 29 '15 at 9:17
  • Hi. u can use whatever version u want. All will work. – Mr. Robot Jun 29 '15 at 15:58

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