i have my cherry mobile Omega spectrum .. i was supposed to reboot my phone after installing a custom i can't find any answers in my group so i decided to post here about this problem anyone here can help me ?? i'm new here ..p thanks a lot

  • If you are in fastboot, you should take a look at my answer on What are all the functions of fastboot. Fastboot can allow you to push a recovery image to your device if you don't have one for some reason. – Ryan Conrad Jan 1 '15 at 14:33
  • Could you clarify the question once more? "after installing a custom".. ROM or recovery? – Andrew T. Jan 19 '15 at 7:42

As Ryan commented, you can use fastboot commands to push a recovery image to your phone.

download a recovery image for your phone if you don't have one, then connect your phone to your pc and, via the fastboot tool on your computer, type

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

where "recovery.img" is the absolute path of your custom recovery image (path is not required if you placed your img in the same directory of your adb-fastboot toolkit).

Afterwards, get into recovery (it should go automatically there if system is missing/corrupted, if not try pressing the power/vol combination for you device)

As you are into recovery, flash your OS as you normally do.

PS: before flashing your system via recovery, remember to update your custom recovery, to avoid using a buggy one. Also, be sure to make it check MD5 sums before flashing.

It is also possible that your problem is temporary: a lot of people got through this just by extracting battery, SIM and SD from the phone and then booting normally. Try this before doing anything.

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