How do I get past the screen being locked up with pattern lock for Samsung S3? I just got the phone and has someone else's settings. I just want to get to the basic swipe unlock. If a phone is reset, will it remove the pattern lock, and need to use it? I just want to get into the apps so I can use the device. Right now, I can't even get to the main screen page.

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A reset (through the recovery) will remove all data from the user.
If you don't want to preserve that simply follow the short guide:

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvD6ZCENlJA)
1. Shut down your device.
2. Enter recovery mode by holding Power, Home and Volume-Up at the same time.
3. When the screen turns on you can release the Power button. (keep all other buttons pressed until the recovery comes up)
4. Select Wipe data/factory reset from the menu with the Volume-Up/-Down buttons.
5. Press the Power button to select the action.
6. Reboot your device. (In case of no auto-reboot do that like you did with the factory reset)

First reboot will take some time to set up everything. After that all data is lost, even on the internal "SD card".

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