At the dialer screen I do not receive the option to call using regular number, Skype or Viber.

How can I fix this so that I'm prompted when I want to make a call?

Any suggestion would help me a lot.

Best wishes, Martin

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I have found a solution. In the contacts, tapping twice on the picture by a specific contact opens up the option to contact the person via all available means.


You might have set the default dialing option in the past. Go to Settings > Apps, from Options select Reset App Preferences. But this will reset all the defaults you have set for the dialer and all other apps.


Try Sky Dialer for Skype App, It lets you make Skype calls to your android contacts without merging the contacts with Skype (It requires the Skype app to be installed to work), lets you mark and organize favorites for easy calling too.

Full Disclosure: I am the app's developer

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