In Nova Launcher Prime, is there any way to set a shortcut icon to switch to another home screen? When going to the left or right home screen, I would prefer to tap on some icon rather than having to swipe.

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Long-press -> Nova Action -> Jump to page. You can choose the icon by long-pressing on the shortcut after creation.


I believe you would need to use a third-party automation app such as Tasker. Nova Launcher is listed in the Go Home section of Tasker documentation as supporting the required action Go Home.

For example, you could create a shortcut icon to a Tasker task named Switch to Right Home. The Switch to Right Home task would contain the action Go Home with parameter Page set to 2 (possibly the right-most home screen depending on how many are displayed).

It is a variant of the solution on this blog, where he provides instructions for switching the home screen based on device orientation.

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