My first problem:

My Google Play had a persistent "No connection" error. There are a bunch of fixes but none of them worked. So I decided to try the final fix: Restore device. Now I knew this would delete most my data (Rest stored in Google Account cloud). So I looked into backup software for my laptop (since I couldn't get backup software on the play store).

My second problem:

I'm a recently started Android developer so I had the SDK and USB driver. Now I tried to push my software to the device through USB but USB debugging wasn't working (Yes my debugging is on, yes I've tried everything to fix my debugging problem).

So then:

When I couldn't get backup software on my android OR my computer I thought just copying the data off my device (my computer could see the device as a media device, so I could see the files on my computer just couldn't get USB debugging on).

My third problem:

So I copied everything I could and saved it to my computer. Restored my device. Dragged all the files back onto the Android. Didn't work. Is there anyway I can get those files back onto my device? Is has folders such as: Android, DCIM, Download, Movies, Picture, Storage etc...


My Play Store isn't working. (It now does after the reset).

My USB Debugging isn't working.

I can't get my "backup" back onto my device.

If anyone could fix any or all of these problems, that would be amazing, if you need anymore info let me know!

  • Typically, you should only ask 1 question at a time. it allows a person to specifically answer, and it to be accepted. if I know the answer to one of your questions, my answer would be "incomplete". - Your 3rd problem, shouldn't be a problem. Those folders live on the internal/external storage, they are not in a location that is wiped when you do a factory reset. They should still be there. – Ryan Conrad Jan 7 '15 at 6:26

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