The TouchWiz Air View feature on my Samsung Galaxy S4 used to provide a very cool feedback feature where holding a finger over a home screen folder without actually touching it would cause the folder icon to expand / "explode" and show a clearer picture of everything that is in the folder before actually opening it.

This is no longer working, and I cannot figure out why. (It is not critical by any means, but it is annoying me that I cannot figure it out.) How can I and the other users impacted by this (below) fix this?

Since I can't get it working again, I can't post my own picture to better demonstrate what is expected - but the forum thread at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2730260 ("[Q] Air view for folders in GS4 I9505") describes my exact same issue and includes several screenshots - though it is also unsolved.

Another reference to the same issue also exists at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2601067&page=63 ("KitKat 4.4 thread", buried in 227 pages).

"Air view" and all of its options are ON under the "My device" settings, and working elsewhere as advertised in the other applications. (I even tried turning it off and back on.) It is only the home screen folders that are no longer working. I've tried rebooting. I even used the "Force stop", "Clear cache", and "Clear data" options from the Application Manager for "TouchWiz home" (Version 4.4.4-I337UCUFNJ4) - and while this caused everything else on the home screen to reset to defaults (requiring me to re-place all my icons and widgets), it did nothing to resolve the issue.

I have not applied any device / firmware updates since this stopped working - though I'm uncertain if anything came through Google Play automatic updates that would have caused this (I haven't installed new anything recently). There was a "Samsung Galaxy" update on 2014-12-19, and a "Samsung account" update on 2014-12-29...

Stock AT&T firmware, Android 4.4.4, SGH-I337, Build Number KTU84P.I337UCUFNJ4.

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