I've installed Firefox on my Android smartphone. I want to store many opened tabs, but Firefox stores a little number of tabs.

Looks like Firefox only stores a few tabs (about 5 of 25 total), so when I navigate to another tab, Firefox will use the internet connection to load it again. Thus, when there's no internet connection, I will get a connection error page instead. (btw, Opera Mini easily stores about 50 tabs opened)

I've tried to work with about:config settings like browser.cache.disk.capacity and browser.cache.check_doc_frequency but with no success.

I think the problem is with browser.cache.disk.capacity, but:

  • it's difficult to click too many times (current value is 30720, but I need 100000)
  • the browser sets browser.cache.disk.capacity back to the default value after some time

What do I need to do to avoid annoying reloads of the page?

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According to a blog article by Geoff Brown, the developer of Firefox for Android, looks like you need to disable "smart sizing" feature in Firefox because it sets the cache size dynamically.

I'm now using version 37 and I still don't see any progress in functionality though.

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