Currently the vibration intensity in my Lollipop ROM is too high, even for things like haptic feedback. This is a problem with most ROMs on my device (Xiaomi Mi3W), and was fixed in 4.4 with an alteration to framework-res.apk here, but I can find no information on what files were changed. The only this I can find is here on xda-developers forum, but this is for GB and neither the LP or KK framework-res have that xml file. I cannot replace the LP framework with the KK framework because I am guessing it will just cause bootloops/force closes.

Does anyone know of a system modification that be changed to lower system vibrations for everything? The modification can be in the source or compiled ROM.


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Settings> Sound & notification> Other sounds> Vibrator intensity.

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    Many manufacturers modify Android to add their own settings, meaning that settings on your specific phone may be different or missing altogether on another. "Vanilla" Android 5.0 does not have a "Vibrator intensity" setting under the options you mentioned. Please make sure to mention your specific phone make and model when giving such answers.
    – Chahk
    Feb 10, 2015 at 14:34
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    Motorola is reputed to use a relatively vanilla Android, and version 6.0.1 on the Moto G4 does not have any vibration intensity settings. It has only Other sounds -> Vibrate on touch: on or off. I only hope Nougat will allow more customization.
    – Dave
    Feb 4, 2017 at 15:43

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