I'm using Micromax Canvas A74 running Android Jellybean. Recently I searched for a locksceen notification widget and found "NiLS Lockscreen Notifications".

But now the problem is, how can I disable the default "New Message" and "Missed call" notification on my lockscreen, which jumps and vibrates for sometime each time I unlock my phone? I have already unchecked the "Show notification" checkbox from the app info section, but it's still there.

Lockscreen notification

  • Do you mean you want to disable the notification on the lockscreen widget, or the system notification bar? Also, could you mention your phone model? I didn't experience vibration when unlocking the phone with missed call...
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 5:41
  • Thanks for the reply, My modal phone is Micromax Canvas A74 goo.gl/sxD371 I was not talking about the notification in the notification bar.i was talking about this.goo.gl/U63mFt Please see the screenshot. and the vibration i said, was about the icons vibration(or may be a jump).I'm sorry if i gave u some bad idea. :( Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 7:41
  • No problem, no need to apologize :) We're trying to help, but previously, there is not enough info (e.g. missed call notification on lock screen, which is apparently a featured on Micromax device).
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 7:52

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But I have found Solution for this. I have a check box in Display - Lock Screen notification (a check box). It fixed my problem.

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