I replaced a modified build.prop which contains ro.kernel.qemu=0 to the system.img with yaffey, but it did not work. When the emulator restarted, ro.kernel.qemu=1 still exists in the output of adb shell getprop.


I also tried:

  1. add ro.kernel.qemu=0 in default.prop in ramdisk.img
  2. add setprop ro.kernel.qemu 0 in init.goldfish.rc in ramdisk.img

But all these did not work. When I start the emulator with modified ramdisk.img, ro.kernel.qemu is still 1 in the output of adb shell getprop.

I am now trying to rebuild the kernel to set it to 0, but I did not find where ro.kernel.qemu is set in the kernel source code.

Appreciated for any advices.

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