Device: OnePlus One

ROM: MultiROM with CM11s as internal, and CM12 nightly as secondary

Recovery: TWRP

Backup location: USB OTG

Backup method: Online Nandroid Backup application

So I have quite a dilemma on my hands. I wanted to try something, so I installed a root DPI changing app. I must have set it incorrectly, because when I rebooted, everything was so large that I couldn't even unlock the device. So I followed the application's advice, I copied the build.prop backup to /system. And I went into a bootloop. Then I tried copying the stock build.prop for my device to /system, but it didn't help any. Everything else seems to work fine. I have TWRP installed, and I have a good backup, but it's on a USB drive, and the data partition is ~6.5GB, so it won't go back on my phone. So here are my options, as I see them:

  1. Fix build.prop, of which I don't have the original file.
    • Problems:
      • I have no idea how to do that.
  2. Restore from my TWRP backup.
    • Problems:
      • I have the backup on a USB drive.
      • TWRP doesn't seem to want to recognize that there is a backup on the USB OTG.
      • The data file is 6.94GB. (over Android's 4GB file size limit) So I can't move it back.
  3. Dirty re-flash the OS while keeping my data.
    • Problems:
      • I don't know how to do that.
      • I've heard that problems persist if that's done.
  4. Wipe EVERYTHING and start from scratch.
    • Problems:
      • Obvously, I don't want to do that.
  • did you set proper permissions on restored build.prop file? – sir_brickalot Jan 17 '15 at 22:01
  • I did it through TWRP's file manager. Not sure how to do that. @sir_brickalot – j.m.g.r Jan 17 '15 at 22:02
  • another option for you: do a factory reset, reboot, put the twrp backup folder somewhere you can restore it from and restore. – sir_brickalot Jan 17 '15 at 22:04
  • you should be able to correct permissions via TWRP terminal. – sir_brickalot Jan 17 '15 at 22:05
  • That's the thing, I tried to move the backup to my device, and Windows said that it couldn't move. I think it's from the data file size being too large. – j.m.g.r Jan 17 '15 at 22:05

The reason for a bootloop after editing build.prop is its permissions.

Just go to TWRP>advanced>File manager and navigate to /system/build.prop select it and change its permissions to -rw-r--r-- to do that enter 0644 in chmod and reboot your device.

If you cannot see build.prop in system folder Go to mounts and select system in the TWRP home menu.

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If the build.prop is the problem you could try fixing permissions:

  • Restore build.prop from backup
  • goto TWRP/Advanced and choose Fix permissions

If you want to restore your TWRP backup:

  • in TWRP do a factory reset
  • boot up the system and copy the TWRP backup to internal sdcard (if you got enough space). That should be formatted with ext4 or something like that, not FAT32.
  • boot to recovery and restore backup.


  • just reflash the ROM.zip. That should fix all problems without deleting /data.
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May be this problem is solved but for future reference I will post this two options

1 - push the original build.prop via adb when on TWRP plug the device to your PC

Open a CMD or a terminal (depends on your OS) Write this commands

adb kill-server
adb root
adb remount
adb push original-build.prop /system/build.prop

Or 2 / you can grab the current build.prop edit the density and then push it back


adb pull /system/build.prop /path/to/build.prop

Edit the build prop and then push it back

adb kill-server

adb root

adb remount

adb push edited-build.prop /system/build.prop
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So I actually ended up flashing only the system and boot img files, and that let the device turn on. There were a few problems I ran into, though. Settings kept force quitting, for one thing. But I was able to make a fresh Helium backup, so then I wiped everything and started over. After spending a bit of time restoring some files, my One is running well again. Thank both of you so much for your help! @sir_brickalot @HasH_BrowN

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