I occasionally use my Galaxy S4 Android phone to connect to my computer via Remote Desktop in order to use SolidWorks for 3d modeling. In order to make this more comfortable, I want to get a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. What I'm wondering is whether the keys translate well when I am connected to my computer.

In other words: the keys probably translate well enough when I am just using the phone. However, the phone does not tend to utilize keys the same way Windows does - ctrl-c, alt-F1, etc.. Do those functions/keys translate when I'm connected to my computer through my phone?

And a similar question for a Bluetooth mouse, I suppose. Does the computer recognize a mouse when it is connected through my phone via Remote Desktop?

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Yes they will work. If the keyboard & mouse supports windows, then they should work via remote desktop. Be sure to have the latest version of the app!

  • PS: you may have to install some kind or compatibility apps or drivers on your phone.
    – undo
    Jan 18, 2015 at 4:23
  • Ok - got me a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard works great. The mouse works well on Microsoft Remote Desktop app, but is pretty wonky on Google Remote Desktop. I can connect to my computer on my phone when I'm on the same network, but out-of-network MS RD it's still not connecting (although Goodle RD is). This is probably a topic for another question post. But yeah, hardware-wise everything is good. Still figuring out the mouse, but the more important thing - the keyboard - is working regardless. Thanks Rahul! :D
    – Misha R
    Jan 23, 2015 at 20:03

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