I am currently using to JBTimer app to time Rubik's Cube solves on my Droid Maxx, and wanted to export the data to do some analysis. The app has a few built-in options for exporting, but every single one of them will only export to an SD card which, if you've ever used a Droid Maxx before, you'll know there isn't a slot for in the phone. The app doesn't give any errors or anything, but I can't find the data on my phone when I connect it to my computer. I would really rather not type 300-something numbers into an Excel spreadsheet manually. Any ideas?

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Yes, Rob is right. Android is very well designed. You have a SD card that is the memory of your device. If you'd have a SD Slot then you'd have 2 SD Cards. Why this happens? Because it's assumed that Android needs a place where to save pictures, savegames, etc and it has a special partition for each: SD (yes, it's emulated), applications, system files, etc.

This is why when you do a full reset on the device those files are not deleted! Because it's not necessary! Only system files and folders are touched in those cases.


Android provides SD Card emulation for devices that don't have one as well as a pointer to a physical one if available. If you use ES File Explorer on your device (I highly recommend that app!), you will be able to go to /mnt/extSdCard. No root required, it is only a pointer (you can see the black curved arrow over the folder icon). You will be able to find your saves in there. It is possible that extSdCard has another name: Sdcard2, etc.enter image description here

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