I have an Android unit which does not contain a gravity sensor.

It should always be in Landscape mode, but when I open certain apps they force screen rotation to Portrait mode. After I go back to the launcher however, the screen stays rotated to Portrait mode without ever going back to Landscape mode, the way I want it to.

What can I do to make it always stick with Landscape mode? Is there som /system/build.properties value that I can change or what can I do? Is it because of the Launcher application itself?

I have (probably modified) Android version 4.2.2


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Some apps only work in portrait mode due to the fact that that is the way they are designed. Also most launchers (on a phone) are automatically in fixed portrait mode as well. If you don't have a gravity sensor then I suggest using an app like Unlimited Rotation Control which puts rotation buttons on your device. For landscape mode on my phone I installed Nova Launcher and turned the rotation option on in the settings. There are also multiple launchers out there that can work as well however.

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